Since I still love what I do for a living I sometimes make films that I call ’Thomas-does-it-all-productions’ ;-)

Concept, camera, direction, editing, color-grading etc. all done by myself. Some of the results can be found on this page.

My commercial production work can be found on my company’s website

Uth-Home, Commercial for an interior design company

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, Commericial

Whether it's about productions with big budgets or - like on this page - about smaller productions:

It always starts with an idea.

If this idea is the right one, it is indeed possible to create effective films even with a one man crew and on a low budget.

Unterbacher-See, Destination film

Klein Bakery, commercial for world’s best muffins

Thirty Seconds, 'kind-of‘ corporate film for my own company

Freizeitzentrum Xanten, destination film

Smallocean sailing, commercial for a sailing school I founded

Art-Lodge, somewhat ‚arty‘ corporate film for an art-hotel

Art-Lodge, more ‚down-to-earth‘ film for the same hotel

Klein Bakery, commercial for a local bakery